heroal at BAU 2017

Let heroal’s versatile system solutions speak for themselves and find out more about innovative technologies in the fields of windows, doors, façades, roller shutters and sun protection, with this year’s focus on commercial-residential properties. more

Z&R Award – Product Of The Year 2015

The heroal LC sun protection system wins the Z&R award for Product Of The Year 2015 Each year, the Dutch specialist magazine Z&R presents the Z&R award for the best product development. The award stands for sophisticated detailed solutions with perfect engineering. This year it has been awarded to heroal for the new heroal LC sun protection system. more

New product range - heroal sun protection systems

heroal sun protection systems – ground-breaking and unique Alongside the heroal rs hybrid roller shutter and sun protection system, heroal has developed two additional sun protection systems: the innovative heroal LC daylight system and the new heroal VS Z system – a zip screen. The new sun protection business area will also continue to follow the successful business model of supplying high-quality system products to heroal partners, who use these systems to produce durable finished elements. With the new developments, heroal’s goal is to make more efficient use of natural daylight. Further information is available from our press release heroal sun protection systems or from our product information. more

Innovative heroal threshold solution: accessibility or zero-barrier

Zero-barrier and universal designs are requirements that are being stressed when planning and executing construction projects. The zero-barrier threshold allows free passage through doors, also enabling access for people with disabilities. This eliminates the limitations caused by the installation position of the entrance doors, which is often unprotected from wind and rain, and therefore requires technically unavoidable threshold variants. The innovative heroal zero-barrier can be used for commercial and front doors that open inwards and outwards. The heroal D 72 door system with the integrated zero-barrier threshold combined with the new heroal DS drainage system provides a system solution for any weather condition. more

The heroal DS drainage system – the integrated linear surface drainage system

Specific measures need to be taken in order to implement accessible thresholds whilst offering protection from moisture damage indoors. The new heroal DS drainage system is an ideal and innovative solution. At the heart of this development lies the new basic profile, which allows the linear drainage system to be connected. It discharges up to 200 litres per metre of surface water under a high-grade steel cover without causing any back-up. The clip-on basic profile contains an attachment for the attachment foil, which guarantees waterproofing of buildings. Regardless of the type of opening – an inwards or outwards opening, constructed with framed casement frames or a base profile – the innovative drainage system is the ideal solution for all entrance doors, French doors and lifting-sliding doors, both in new buildings and renovations. The compatibility of heroal systems guarantees the use of this drainage system, which is suitable for all systems, for all large openings in the heroal D 72 door systems, heroal more