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heroal rs hybrid in flush-mounting box FMB 90°

Perfect retention of existing façade appearance

Thanks to its invisible integration in the ETICS or in the window reveal, the flush-mounted box FMB 90° represents the ideal means of installing a heroal rs hybrid in the existing façade architecture without changing its visual appearance. A large selection of plaster base profiles ensures secure installation in all current ETICS systems, while the special two-part guide rail guarantees simple and safe assembly in the window reveal. The minimum thickness of the exterior insulation depends on the exact position of the window. Made from roll-formed and extruded aluminium profiles, the flushmounted box features a highly space-saving design with a height of just 125 mm. The 90 mm inspection opening enables simple and convenient system maintenance.

System dimensions

Weight [kg/m2]
Max. width [mm]
Max. height [mm]
Max. area [m2]

Performance characteristics

  • 0,18 ΔR in accordance with EN 13125:2001
  • 4* Wind resistance
  • Resistance to burglary
  • 3** Hail damage
  • Anti-push-up device can be integrated

* with 2000 mm element width

** hail class according to VKF test stipulations no. 2 roller shutter, version 1.02. The value reflects the mechanical functional capability.

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